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In our days of rising energy costs, everyone is looking for ways to operate an energy-efficient work area. Whether you manage a large facility with an impressive shop area or are a building or design contractor, the remarkable technology found in the Lutron Radio RA-2 will make this possible. There are a number of reasons for this.

It is scalable

You can test out the technology by having it installed in one of the highest traffic rooms of your building. The product’s built-in occupancy and vacancy features will optimize light control. These features come in handy when the last person leaving the shop room forgot to turn the lights off. Once you realize the benefits from a first-hand perspective, you can easily have the energy-efficient system added to other rooms. If you want, the entire building can be configured to operate as one remotely controlled unit.

With so many components available, you can choose which ones best suit your company or building needs and budget. Whether you need light controls, sensors, fan controls, different keypads, temperature controls, shading, or appliance controls, you have the choice. You can choose one component, or all.

Automating Window Treatments

Light control is always a huge factor for any facility manager or building designer. Being able to automate window treatments provides an excellent way to decrease heating costs during different times of the year. During the winter, blinds can be opened to warm up the room by letting sunshine enter. This, in turn, lowers heating costs. During the warmer months, blinds can be kept closed to keep the room cool. This lowers air conditioning costs. Window treatments can be adjusted to adjust lighting for meetings, reading, and social events. A variety of blinds is available.

Automating window treatments with the Lutron Radio RA-2 also makes working conditions more comfortable for employees in all areas, including the shop room. It can help reduce glare on computer screens and reading materials. Reducing glare plays a key role in reducing eye strain. Some shades can automatically adjust to the sun’s position, making indoor lighting even more comfortable.

Offers Interconnectivity

The Lutron Radio RA-2 fits in perfectly with the interconnected world everyone lives in nowadays. Users can monitor and control their RA-2 system from any mobile device including iPhone, Android, iPad, and iPod touch varieties by using an app. The app utilizes a full two-way functionality that gives users a chance to update their system in real-time. This makes it possible to adjust shades, security systems, ceiling fans, lights, temperature, or plug-in home devices all while away from the facility. The app has the capability of supporting multiple RA-2 systems. This makes it perfect for those individuals having more than one facility or building they want covered. There also is a car visor version available which can be operated from the comfort of your car.

Offers Incentives

The energy-saving efforts received by using the Lutron Radio RA-2 can result in a number of incentives. These benefits include tax credits, federal and state rebates and utility company incentives. Checking with your utility company, appropriate taxing authority and other professionals may be well worth your time.

Lutron has a strong history for providing reliable, innovative, and effective solutions to the energy-saving world. Choosing this product to effectively light your shop room and venue can help both you and the globe.