5 Multifamily Building Design Trends Post-COVID

This article is part of our blog series that aims to provide insight into how building and lighting design will change in a post-pandemic world. In “5 Multifamily Building Design Trends Post-COVID”, we compile the most important trends from leading firms, Omgivning, Gensler, JLL, CBRE, and ARUP, that design-build teams should consider leveraging when building […]

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Reducing Costs: How Monterey Empowers Developers

The Problem Developers Face For many lighting projects, the process used to acquire lighting is flawed. Almost all the time, compromises to the integrity of the architect’s design, the budget, or the project timeline, are unavoidable. Developers must face the fact that the traditional lighting acquisition model is outdated and ineffective. The core problem is […]

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On Time, On Budget: How Monterey Empowers Construction Managers

The Problem Construction Managers Face When Construction Managers launch a commercial construction project, the current process they use to acquire lighting often results in unnecessary compromises. Whether it’s compromised to the integrity of the architect’s design, the budget, or the project timeline, plans get altered because of an outdated and ineffective lighting acquisition model.  The […]

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Bavel Lights Interior

Eliminating Rework: How Monterey Lighting Empowers Architects & Designers

For years, Monterey Lighting has seen similar challenges from architects. No matter how many times they design lighting with the perfect aesthetic at what they perceive to be an accurate budget, once all the bids come back from the contractor, it is budget overrun after overrun. This discrepancy consistently leads to a lot of rework. […]

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Exterior sign of Robertson Plaza

5 Benefits of Setting Building Standards for Lighting

Cost overruns and project delays are two of the most common challenges projects face, especially when it comes to the lighting phase. Unfortunately, many project stakeholders underestimate the importance of setting a building-wide standard, dismissing it entirely without understanding the significant benefits of it. When owners don’t set a building-wide standard, they run the risk […]

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