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When homeowners consider remodeling a home, one of the decisions to make is whether to install conventional light switches or the more modern dimmer light switches. While both types of lighting switches will properly light a room, one of them is likely to have several benefits that the other one just cannot compete with. Conventional light switches have been around forever and are known to provide safe and efficient lighting within the home. While dimmer switches are relatively new, they are proven to be well liked by those who have installed them in their home or office. The bottom line is which type of light switch is the best and which would be the perfect type of lighting to meet the need of the homeowner? The fact is that dimmer lights are more modern and work better than the outdated conventional switches. Below is a list of the top three benefits for using dimmer light switches.

1. Cost Savings

With a dimmer light switch, the homeowner controls how much light is emitted from the light bulb. Even if the lights are dimmed to a slightly lower level, the homeowner will save money on their energy bill. The fact is, the lower the setting is for the lights the less energy is needed to light the room. Homeowners can expect to save up to 10 percent on their monthly energy bill depending on how often they use the dimmer switch and what setting is used regularly.

2. Longevity

Since most homeowners are not likely to set the dimmer switch at full force all of the time, they will actually help to add extra life to the light bulbs. It is estimated that if the lights are dimmed by only 25 percent, the life of the light bulb is greatly extended. For example, a light bulb that typically has a lifespan of four years will now last up to six years. This translates into a reduction in the number of light bulbs a homeowner needs to purchase.

3. Homeowners Control Lighting

One of the best benefits of choosing a dimmer light switch is the fact that it allows the homeowner to control the lighting in every room of the home. One can quickly lower or increase the amount of light in a room with just a turn of a knob, slide of a switch or even by using a remote control. A homeowner can instantly change the ambiance in the room to meet their needs. For example, when having a romantic night at home, dimmer lights would fit the mood, but if the guys are over for the big game, more lighting may be needed. The convenient remote control technology will keep family members from fighting about who should get up to down the lights.

Perhaps the only disadvantage of using a dimmer light switch versus a conventional light switch is the fact that the dimmer light may not be compatible with every light fixture in the house. This may require homeowners to install all new light fixtures and not just new light switches. However, the added cost of installing new light fixtures can easily be made up for with the savings on the monthly energy bill.