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Building owners are becoming more interested in installing smart lighting systems and increasing energy efficiency, according to Constructech Magazine. Lighting upgrades are one area of focus for building owners who want to become more savvy and efficient by taking advantage of the latest technology. 

The magazine reported on a new survey from IDC Energy Insights that revealed 50 percent of those who responded are already using smart building technology and an additional 33 percent of respondents plan to use smarter technologies in the next year. 

Fifty-seven percent who responded to the survey said they are trying to meet sustainability goals, and among that group, 86 percent are using efficiency or energy management as a metric for their goals, according to the source. 

Energy efficiency is also gaining interest among consumers. According to Convenience Store Decisions, an increasing number of consumers are becoming more environmentally conscious and prefer to spend money at stores that work to achieve sustainability. 

A survey conducted by Cone Communications found that 71 percent of Americans consider the environment when they make purchasing decisions, the source reported. In 2008, only 66 percent considered the environment when shopping at a store. Several stores across the country are installing light-emitting diodes (LEDs) in order to improve energy efficiency.