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Solar low voltage LED lighting products are expected to see more use in the commercial airport lighting market by 2016, according to a report from Research and Markets.

The Global Commercial Airport Lighting Market 2012-2016 report noted that solar LED lighting devices are among of the most suitable lamps for airports. Within this setting, they can be used for apron edge, obstruction, construction barricade and taxiway edge lighting applications in the airside areas of an airport.

“The increasing penetration and adoption of solar LED lighting is a major trend emerging in the Global Commercial Airport Lighting System market,” said one analyst from the research team. “Currently, solar LED lighting systems are low-maintenance and easy-to-install lighting systems for airports.”

Not only are solar LED lamps approved by the International Civil Aviation Organization, popular airports such as Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport and Dubai International Airport already employ these lighting solutions. Due to a larger volume of global air traffic, it is expected that more airports will make the transition. As new airports are built, a larger number of people travel by air, thereby increasing the number of planes in the air and the need for efficient commercial lighting in these settings.

Solar lighting and outdoor lighting
LED lamps already provide significant reductions to energy usage. With the addition of solar panels, they further reduce the electrical demands on airports, schools, warehouses and other facilities. As a result of their low voltage, they can get more use out the energy harvested from the sun, thereby making them a viable solution even if there are a few overcast days.

According to Forbes, there is also the advantage of not needing cabling or wiring for solar LED lighting devices – reducing the time and money needed for installation, a big advantage when trying to quickly retrofit several fixtures. Besides airside applications at airports, these green lighting solutions have already been implemented in many other roadway and outdoor area lighting applications.

Solar Novus Today reported that solar LED lighting is especially useful in remote locations that do not have dependable electricity. These lamps were installed in low income communities known as colonias in Hidalgo, Texas, a rural area on the U.S./Mexico border. To improve safety and security, lights were installed at local parks, bus stops and other areas.