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Soraa has added new MR16 lamps to its portfolio of low voltage LED lighting products.

The devices are the first high color temperature, high color rendering MR16 lamps. Available in 4000K, 5000K and other CCT options, the Vivid 2 LED MR16, excels in rendering colors and whites the same as they would appear under natural light.

“Our full spectrum technology renders colors vividly and whites accurately; our single source LED and innovative optics create perfectly uniform beams of exceptionally high intensity light, casting clear single shadows; and our lamps are ideally suited for fully enclosed, non-ventilated fixtures – a place where other LED lamps struggle to perform,” said Soraa CEO Jeff Parker.

In addition to the advantages of Soraa’s new LED lighting systems, the products lack many of the disadvantages common to other lighting solutions, such as heat emissions from ceramic metal halide and halogen lamps as well as multiple shadows, beam striations and artifacts found in some competing LED products.

A no-compromise solution
The Vivid 2 LED MR16 is a lighting solution suited for high-end retail and gemstone jewelry displays. Unlike other high color rendering lamps, these products do not create a cold ambiance because they represent every color in the visible spectrum so that mood is not lost in exchange for light quality. As a result, these commercial LED lighting lamps offer an R9 value above 90 and CRI-95.

“And now with our 4000K and 5000K products, you can bring the energizing feel of natural light indoors without sacrificing light quality and compatibility,” Parker said.

A lamp for various needs
Soraa offers the Vivid 2 LED MR16 in a variety of configurations. They can be purchased in 12-volt and line voltage options, and there are 2700K, 3000K, 4000K and 5000K CCT variations. In addition to numerous choices for light quality, there are 10, 25, 36 and 60 degree beam angles. Furthermore, these efficient commercial lighting products are compatible with a wide array of dimming controls.

A unique brand
Soraa has carved a niche for itself with its full spectrum, gallium nitride on gallium nitride LED lamps. These products render every color of the rainbow and they excel in white rendering. In fact, in an independent study conducted at Penn State University, 90 percent of respondents preferred the white rendering capabilities of Soraa’s products.