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At the 2014 Euroshop event – a retail trade fair scheduled Feb. 16-20 in Dusseldorf, Germany – Philips plans to introduce its new “light signatures” technology.

This innovation is designed to help retailers market their brand through the lighting in their stores. With light signatures, they can change the color of their low voltage LED lighting devices to match their brand. As a result, retailers have another means of conveying luxury, value or any of their other hallmark traits.

“In a retail setting, we see warm light lending itself to luxury shopping where the customer will spend time relaxing and browsing,” said Frank van Son of Philips lighting. “Cool light makes us feel efficient and active which is why it can be found in light signatures for value, convenience and sports stores where customers want to feel alert.”

Philips’ research in the area of specification of LED lighting systems in retail applications is also evident through the manufacturer’s scheduled showcase on the appropriate lighting for different types of food, a presentation that will also be featured at Euroshop 2014. The company will share its expertise on how tuning the color spectrum – a feature of LED lighting – can be used to highlight items in supermarkets and help them remain attractive to customers.