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Philips’ SpaceWise commercial LED lighting products have been selected to participate in the fiscal year 2013 Green Proving Ground Program.

The lighting manufacturer was chosen by the U.S. General Services Administration to be apart of the program created to evaluate cutting-edge green technologies for buildings. Devices that are selected are tested in GSA’s own properties. Their participation represents their industry-leading capabilities in regard to energy savings, reduced operating costs and improved occupant well-being.

The SpaceWise low voltage LED lighting system from Philips is optimized for large office spaces with an open floor plan. The technology incorporates dimming and smart lighting controls that work to tailor the performance of each individual luminaire in a system. As a result of the individualized adjustments, Philips’ product can offer a 50 to 70 percent reduction in energy usage compared to traditional lighting controls.

Additionally, SpaceWise comes with both daylighting and occupancy sensing controls, allowing for further energy maintenance.

“Because the intelligence has been embedded in the Philips DuaLED luminaire, SpaceWise technology makes installation easy, accelerating adoption by making it simple enough to be suitable for both retrofit or new design applications,” said Bruno Biasiotta, president and CEO of Philips Lighting Americas.