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Cree has expanded its reach in the lighting market with the introduction of its SmartCast wireless lighting control system.

As another testament to the manufacturer’s innovative design, SmartCast is the first self-programming lighting control. When compared to traditional fluorescent lamps that don’t use Cree’s new product, the system promises a 70 percent reduction in energy consumption. However, these premium energy savings comes at an affordable price, as the SmartCast system is only half the cost of traditional controls.

Norbert Hiller, executive vice president of lighting for Cree, said that many commercial lighting users have been hesitant about using traditional controls. They are not as user friendly and have a high initial investment, which has very little return because many users discontinue their use after a year due to their complexity. SmartCast, however, has a smaller initial investment and a simplified interface for easy use.

“Cree SmartCast Technology eliminates these barriers to adoption and delivers the enormous benefit of significantly greater energy cost savings, allowing customers to finally realize the promise of lighting controls,” Hiller said.

Simplifying the lighting control industry
Cree’s new product has a trademarked OneButton Setup to take the confusion out of lighting control. When paired with LED lighting systems that are equipped with SmartCast, the control system allows the lamps to create their own secure network, form groups for optimal energy usage reduction and learn about their environment.

Moreover, the wireless capabilities of the system cut back on installation time and effort, adding further simplicity to Cree’s new product.

John Gardiner, facilities manager at LORD Corporation, said that the SmartCast system performed beyond the limits that were previously set for lighting controls.

“Without any extra devices or wires needed, our maintenance team spent only minutes installing the Cree CR22 architectural LED troffers with SmartCast Technology throughout our corporate headquarters, saving us thousands of dollars on programming and setup,” Gardiner said. “The savings on energy consumption and maintenance costs we expect with this installation will be a huge benefit to our business.”

Facilities managers and business owners can get their hands Cree’s efficient commercial lighting controls today. Currently, SmartCast technology can be utilized with CS Series linear luminaires, CR Series LED troffers and KR Series LED downlights. Furthermore, these controls are compliant with code requirements for the U.S. and Canada.