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Cooper Lighting, a division of Eaton, has introduced a new line of LED lighting systems in its Halo brand of products.

The Halo Surface LED Downlights are optimized for new construction, retrofits and remodel projects, and they provide annual energy savings of 80 percent compared to traditional incandescent downlights. Furthermore, Cooper Lighting’s new product includes trademark WaveStream LED technology to provide the same light uniformity and beam spread as traditional downlights with higher energy efficiency.

“Our new series of Halo surface-mounted LED downlights offer unique design freedom combined with mainstream value,” said Cooper Lighting President Mark Eubanks. “The WaveStream LED technology allows us to provide downlighting and wall-mount solutions that are efficient and cost-effective, while bringing installation convenience to satisfy both commercial and residential applications.”

These commercial lighting fixtures can be purchased in 4- and 6-inch models and are compatible with 3.5- and 4-inch junction boxes or 4-, 5- or 6-inch aperture insulated ceilings and non-IC recessed housings for retrofit projects. As a credit to their efficiency, the Halo SLD fixtures are Energy Star certified and operate while using only 12.5 watts. Additionally, they last up to 22 years, allowing for lower maintenance and replacement costs. Overall savings are estimated to be $400 over the product’s lifespan.