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A fire station in Gilbert, Ariz., has implemented energy saving solutions to meet its green energy goals.

Fire Station 10, located at Guadalupe Road east of McQueen Road, was able to achieve its objective of reducing its energy costs by 58 percent, according to AZ Central. As a result of energy-efficient practices – including the use of LED exterior lighting in conjunction with motion sensors – the station figures to save $16,000 each year on utility expenses.

“Not only were we able to secure a grant to help pay for a station, which was very needed in that area, but also to have all of the conservation efforts that went into it, to have them turn out positively was a good thing as well,” Fire Chief Jim Jobusch said.

The exterior commercial lighting dims down to the minimum required level until vehicles enter the lot. Additionally, the station makes use of solar panels, occupancy sensors and daylighting strategies to further reduce energy usage.

As a result of the station’s efforts to utilize clean technology, it has earned a Gold rating from the United States Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design program.