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A dimmer is a device which is used to vary the brightness of light in a room. Understanding the importance and functionality of dimmers is necessary in order to enable people to recognize the reasons why they are an important aspect of the home. Dimmers help to increase or decrease the output of light by intensity. This is made possible by varying the root mean square (RMS) of the voltage, which in turn increases or decreases the power to the lamp. Lutron dimmers is one of the leading dimmer switches on the market.

Dimmers are available in different sizes and are, therefore, tailored to one’s home and the needs that come with it. In fact, in addition to the small unit, which is usually used for domestic use, they also come in a high-power unit which is installed for architectural lighting, as well as large theaters.  The type that is installed for residential use comes in the size of a light switch for ease of use and is usually controlled directly.

Uses of Dimmers

1. Conservation of Energy
Dimming the lights helps to use only the amount of light which we need when performing different tasks. For instance, the intensity of light needed when reading is not the same as the amount needed when having dinner. By using only the amount of light we need, we help to conserve energy by as much as 98 per cent. Additionally, dimmers have a feature which senses whether there is movement in a room. If there isn’t, they interpret that as meaning that the room is not occupied, and the light is then lowered in intensity, to a level which uses less energy. Conserving energy does not only helps one to save on utility costs, it also has implications in the conservation of the environment.

2. Enhancing Security
Light plays a huge role in enhancing the security of homes and commercial facilities. It helps to deter trespassers and intruders, regardless of whether there are people in the building or not. With dimmers, one is able to program for low illumination along the hallways during the night. Besides this, families are able to go on vacation and program the dimmer to vary the light intensity in the same pattern that they would use it if they were at home. Consequently, it is possible to experience peace of mind throughout the entire vacation, knowing that the home is safe from intruders.

3. Ambience and Convenience
The amount of light in a room helps to dictate the activities which may take place in that intensity. For instance, doing homework is impossible by the light emitted from a single candle. At the same time, a romantic dinner for two would not be romantic at all under the glare of a bright light. Dimmers go a long way in meeting these needs, even as they vary continually.

In addition to the manually operated dimmer, there are also some which can be programmed. They work automatically based on your preferences, which may include low intensity lighting when the television is on. These dimmers not only offer a higher level of convenience, they also provide more options in terms of design.