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Dimmer light switches are a great option for your home because it allows you to control the amount light in the room. This gives you the freedom to instantly change the ambiance in the room to match your mood or activity. These dimmer light switches also use less energy, which can help you save money on your monthly energy bills. This type of light switch has been on the market for several years now and is proven to be a safe and effective lighting option. The quality of these switches varies greatly from manufacturer to manufacturer, but the Lutron dimmer switches are well known as one of the leading makers of dimmer switches on the market. There are several reasons that make Lutron the best choice for dimmer switches, including cost savings, cutting-edge technology and the variety of products offered.

1. Greater Cost-Savings
With over 60 years of experience, Lutron is able to design a dimmer switch that can provide the greatest cost savings for your family. It estimates that an average household can save up to 40% on the monthly electric bill, by dimming the lights by only 50% on a regular basis. This also helped to extend the lifespan of the light bulbs used by as much as 10 years. The combination of these two great benefits will have the dimmer light switches pay for themselves in just a few short years.

2. Cutting-Edge Technology
Lutron prides itself in being leaders in the dimmer light industry by consistently offering products that include the latest technology. Some examples of this is the dimmer switch remote control that lets you dim the light without getting up, sensors on the dimmer switch that automatically turns the light off when no one is in the room, and the Touch Keypad that allows you to control every light in the house at the same time. This type of cutting-edge technology continuously makes Lutron one of the top producers of dimmer light switches.

3. Large Variety of Options
Lutron also offers one of the largest selection of dimmer light switches on the market. It offers multiple designs and colors that are perfect for every room in the house, including the bedroom, living room, rec room, kitchen, and bathroom. It designs light switches that include a knob or a slide option, as well as, lamp dimmers that easily allow you to convert any lamp in the home into a dimmer light. With so many options available, you are sure to find the perfect dimmer light switches to match any home décor.

Without a doubt, the Lutron dimmer switches are among the best-designed products available on the market today. Lutron’s more than sixty years of experience combined with their strong commitment to produce only top quality products makes them a leader in the industry. Along with quality, Lutron makes sure its products are designed to help reduce the amount of energy used, which will save you money on your energy bills. When looking to replace or install dimmer light switches in your home, Lutron is sure to offer an array of products that will work perfect for your home.