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Two commercial lighting industry front runners – Soraa and RAB Lighting – have won the Architectural Products Innovation Award.

These awards are given to manufacturers who make a significant contribution in the area of building-related products, and entries are judged by 50 experts from various fields relating to architectural design – interior designers, lighting designers, architects and more.

Soraa was recognized for its trademark SNAP system. The system allows for facility managers to make adjustments to the light without having to make changes through the fixtures. Color temperature and beam spread can be adjusted directly on the lamp, according to the Sacramento Bee.

“The Swiss Army Knife of high performance lighting, the SORAA SNAP System’s self-centering magnetic lamp and accessory interconnect system gives users everything they need in one product to easily and affordably light virtually any space,” said Jeffery Parker, CEO of Soraa.

RAB Lighting received a PIA for its GLED garage LED lighting systems. These products excel in light output to lower fixture count while reducing energy consumption by 70 percent. Additionally, GLED LED garage lights provide 100,000 hours of service time for long-lasting illumination.

“We are truly honored to have our GLED garage light considered best-in-class by our peers in the architectural lighting industry,” Ross Barna, CEO of RAB Lighting, said in a statement.