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Osram Sylvania, a leading manufacturer of commercial lighting products, has been commissioned to bring new light to the historic Sistine Chapel in Rome.

The project will be completed within a year. It will include custom-designed fixtures that will bring out the pigmentation in Michelangelo’s famous frescoes. These fixtures are built to accentuate the art while still preserving its beauty.

“Art presents the most demanding requirements on light,” said Peter Laier, Osram chief technology officer, according to LEDs Magazine.

There are many specification demands that must be met to keep the light from damaging the paintings, which are sensitive to high levels of illumination and heat.

LED lighting systems are beneficial for preventing art degradation because they do not emit ultraviolet energy, which means they give off minimal heat while providing brighter light. Furthermore, the lights make significant cuts to energy costs. Visitors can experience an improved view of Michelangelo’s paintings while the chapel saves more than 60 percent on energy costs.

Osram Sylvania’s selection for this project demonstrates the company’s status as an industry leader for offering the best LED lights.