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Nalley Honda-Buick-GMC-Isuzu of Brunswick, Ga., has made improvements to its energy efficiency thanks to Cooper Lighting.

The commercial lighting manufacturer collaborated with Georgia Power to install 76 Streetworks Galleon LED fixtures at the dealership. Through the implementation of more efficient lighting, the auto retailer was able to reduce energy consumption by 60 percent while achieving enhanced light quality.

“While the dealership improved its lighting performance and reduced electrical costs, Georgia Power also decreased its carbon footprint, reducing the demand on the area’s electrical grid,” said Mark Eubanks, president of Cooper Lighting.

The dealership originally had 92 1000-watt ceramic metal halide fixtures in place. During the retrofit project, 16 fixtures were eliminated while achieving the same brightness – reducing clutter in the front row display, storage and circulation areas.

The new eco-friendly LED commercial lighting fixtures will last for about 60,000 hours. As a result, the auto retailer will be able to lower its maintenance and replacement costs in addition to its energy expenses.

Forbes reported that the lighting market will be dominated by LED technology in 2014 as standards dictated by the Energy Efficiency and Security Act of 2007 gradually push less eco-friendly lighting out of production. Nalley Honda-Buick-GMC-Isuzu has gotten a head start on this lighting market coup.