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Soraa is urging the U.S. Environmental Protect Agency's ENERGY STAR program to address light quality and color rendering in its new lamp specifications, Clean Technica reported. The LED lighting systems manufacturer is just one of several companies to encourage higher color rendering. 

"Poor light quality ruined many consumers' confidence in compact fluorescents," said Mike Krames, CTO of Soraa. "The ENERGY STAR qualification must be associated with LED lamps that provide a better quality of light; otherwise, the program will start to lack credibility with end-users and the low adoption rate history of CFLs will be repeated by LED lamps."

New EPA minimum light quality and color rendering requirements will encourage adoption of energy-efficient lighting technology, according to the article. In order for customers to adopt LED technology, they must be seen as high-quality products, Energy Services Specialist at Burlington Electric Ravi Parikh told the source. 

Because not all consumers understand the efficiency of LEDs, addressing their light quality and color rendering in the EPA's new lamps specifications is important for the LED market. Soraa said a minimum CRI of 90, while keeping the already existing minimum efficacy requirements, will lead to wider adoption of LEDs.