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General Electric (GE) is an unquestioned leader in multiple industries and markets, and its LED lighting systems have continued the corporation's track record of notable innovation and success. Recently, two major projects in Asian nations – one in China and another in Malaysia – showcase GE's excellence in the development of LED lighting and its commitment to increasing the technology's worldwide prevalence.

LED lighting in Gulangyu Island, China
According to LEDs Magazine, GE served as a provider of LED lighting for Gulangyu Island, a major tourist attraction in China's Xiamen district. The island, which CNN identifies as being known for its attractive beaches, fascinating colonial architecture and complete lack of cars (they are forbidden by law), required environmentally friendly lighting that would meet local efficiency concerns.

As such, GE offered 584 of its LED Iberia lighting fixtures for the Gulangyu project. The fixtures are solid-state, with an output of 90 lumens per watt. Ye Guoliang, sales general manager for GE Lighting China, spoke highly of the new system's benefits, which include projected energy savings of $10,000 each year.

"The GE LED solution is also easy to maintain compared to traditional lamps, and will achieve a nearly 40 percent reduction in energy usage for our client," Guoliang told LEDs Magazine.

GE teams with Malaysian advertising agency, an outdoor advertising agency based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, recently announced plans to heavily incorporate LED technology into the various services it provides to its clients, including outdoor presentation, media booking and production. The firm's primary offerings are digital panels, billboards and other forms of signage.

To better equip its various outdoor signage offerings, will be incorporating GE LED lighting systems into these products, effectively bolstering their light output and overall efficacy.