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Soraa's LED lighting systems create the perfect mood for any restaurant.

The company's MR16 lamps are equivalent to 65-watt halogen bulbs in light output and color quality. The MR16s deliver white point accuracy within three step MacAdam ellipses so that they can be adapted to any ambience. Applications include down lighting, accent lighting, reflected indirect lighting and decorative fixture lighting.

Joshua Skenes, a chef at Saison restaurant in San Francisco, stands by Soraa's product.

"At Saison, everything we do is handcrafted with care," Skenes stated. "We decided to work with Soraa because we needed quality LED lighting that matched our efforts. A good light spectrum makes all the difference."

Soraa's indoor LED lighting provides light that covers more colors of the spectrum to better mirror natural light. Given that restaurants have varying levels of natural and artificial light throughout the day, the MR16s ensure that the lighting is even across the space.

The Lighting Research Center recommends color rendering of at least 80-CRI in restaurant settings. Higher color rendering makes hues appear more vibrant and natural. Color is a big part of presentation and plating, and Soraa's products are the best LED lights to brighten up every entree that leaves the kitchen.