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LED lighting systems and wireless lighting controls can enhance the lighting experience of any movie theater.

According to CE Pro, dimmable LEDs are the only energy efficient lighting solution that has the appropriate color temperature for theater lighting. For proper coloring on screen, lights should be set to 6500K. Given that LEDs come in an array of color temperature options from 2500K up, they are the perfect fit for the job.

Movie theaters use many lights. Whether the building is big or small, the lighting is an essential part of the experience as well as a large expense on energy costs. LEDs have the color quality and energy efficiency to give moviegoers the right ambience while they view the hottest horror, action and drama films. The dimming capabilities allow for further energy savings in addition to the 50 percent reduction in energy costs caused by the low wattage of LEDs.

A Lutron dimmer can also be used to bring the lights down when the action begins on screen. Lutron lighting controls are rated among the best automated lighting systems on the market. They offer ease without any interference or delays.