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Riddle's Jewelry stores have been retrofitted with LED lighting systems from GE lighting.

Halogen bulbs were replaced with energy efficient LED lamps. Rather than using 75 watts for the halogens, Riddle's now only uses 20 watts per each GE PAR38 LED replacement lamp. So far, the new lamps have been installed in 47 stores, which have 80 to 210 spotlight fixtures illuminating their jewelry. The new fixtures will yield 20 to 25 percent energy savings in each location.

The stores that have had the fixtures for at least a year have already seen lower energy costs. Small stores have had savings up to $150 a month, and larger stores have seen savings up to $225 a month. Total savings across all of the stores are expected to hit $100,000 per year once the project is done.

Jewelry stores require a lot of light to highlight the merchandise. There are spotlights, display case lights and ceiling fixtures. The stores use a lot of energy and cutting costs by removing fixtures is not an option; especially when the right amount of light can drive a sale. Low voltage LED lighting allows Riddle's and other jewelry retailers to get the desired amount of light for less money.

Higher quality light
Riddle's Jewelry stores will also benefit from cleaner illumination.

Dan Casanova, vice president of the franchise, has already seen a noticeable improvement in the way the merchandise shines.

"Store managers have been amazed the way the bright, white LED lighting accentuates the natural brilliance of the diamonds," Casanova stated. "With halogen, they looked good. With LED, they look amazing."

Commercial lighting systems with LED lamps have better color rendering than those with halogens. They can produce whiter, more ambient light. This is achieved using phosphor conversion, RGB systems that mix color to produce white light or a combination of the two. Color mixing allows for more colors of the spectrum to blend together and create white light, which is comprised of every color of the spectrum. Other lighting sources like halogens and incandescent bulbs have light that appears more yellow because they are have fewer colors.

Whiter light is brighter and makes merchandise appear more vibrant. Given that it contains more colors, it is better for reflecting various colors, which is advantageous in a jewelry store that sells colored gemstones. With their new commercial lighting fixtures, Riddle's Jewelry will bring a new sparkle to their emeralds, diamonds and amethysts.