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Going green in business is a trend that’s here to stay. But for many small companies, finding the money to make it happen is a challenge. Enter the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA). Through its 504 loan program, the SBA is now offering special financing to small business entrepreneurs who go green.

To help small businesses invest in going green, Congress added three new public policy goals to the SBA 504 loan program as part of the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007.

Reduce energy consumption by at least 10 percent.

Small businesses that purchase or construct facilities (or retrofit existing facilities) which incorporate energy saving technologies that result in a 10 percent reduction in energy use (compared to current consumption levels) can now obtain SBA financing of up to a $4 million on a second mortgage at 90 percent loan to value. Some of the best ways to achieve that 10 percent reduction in energy consumption include installing improved lighting, insulation, and HVAC, and energy-efficient windows.

Generate renewable energy or renewable fuels.

Small businesses that generate renewable energy, such as through solar, wind, and geothermal methods, can also take advantage of SBA financing of up to $4 million to fund the project.

Incorporate sustainable design as defined by LEED standards and the Green Building Certificate Institute.

Small businesses that work with qualified architects and engineers to create a more environmentally friendly building—such as by using design elements that reduce the use of non-renewable resources—can capitalize on an SBA loan of up to $2 million.

Monterey Lighting can help your  businesses take advantage of the SBA 504 loan program to implement energy-efficient lighting and reduce energy consumption to save money and start on the path to a more environmental future. Contact us today by visiting, sending an e-mail to, or calling 909.397.8000.

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