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Updating an entire lighting system to LED technology is a big investment, and an affordable option for installing LED bulbs is putting them in existing incandescent fixtures. LED lighting systems technology is rapidly expanding, and this method of retrofitting also allows for continued updates to a commercial lighting system to the latest technology.

According to the New York Times, using old incandescent fixtures with compatible LED bulbs is a cost-effective way to install this green energy solution without total integration. Digital lighting systems are becoming inexpensive as the technologies evolve, but sometimes the budget requires more cuts on spending. The incandescent fixtures in a structure do not require any removal, new installation or adjustments for the use of compatible LED bulbs.

Many new innovations are expected for LED lighting, as the solid state lighting industry expects 18.7 percent compound annual growth from 2013 to 2018. When the next best LED lights hit the market, consumers expect to see those products in the commercial properties they visit. Constantly retrofitting a system to keep up with those changes will be expensive. Using incandescent fixtures creates the ability to have the latest innovations by unscrewing one bulb and screwing in another.