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Acuity Brands has announced the LSXR fixture-mount occupancy sensor from Sensor Switch that will fit the needs of any commercial lighting system.

The LSXR adapts to any height and installation because it includes four lenses designed to fit a wide range of applications. It includes high-mount, high-mount aisleway, low-mount small motion and low-mount large motion lenses that can be switched out easily. If a sensor becomes less necessary in one area with high-mount fixtures, it can be moved to a new location with low-mount fixtures without consuming a lot of time. There is also a built-in adjustable mounting bracket for further fine-tuning once the appropriate lens is applied.

Occupancy sensors yield 35 to 45 percent savings on average. The LSXR allows a commercial property owner to boost those savings. An entire structure can be outfitted with the same motion sensor switches rather than mixing and matching different products. Money is also saved on replacing sensors if a building's lighting needs change.

With an array of optional features such as dimming and power controls, Sensor Switch's new product is one of the best energy saving solutions for a commercial property.