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Phillips previewed its latest developments for intelligent lighting systems at the 2013 LightFair held April 21-25. At the event, Philips showcased lighting solutions that rival traditional technologies while also providing easy installation, use and control unique to LEDs.

The first of the products unveiled at the LightFair included the Philips Hue BR30​, which offers the same light quality and mobile application as the Philips Hue A19. The Hue BR30 is a downlight and 65-watt equivalent with a 91 color rendering index in the 2,700k white range. The new lighting technology will allow for the same general illumination as traditional downlights.

The company also previewed an LED light source called CrispWhite that is comparable to halogen and allows white to appear pure and bright and colors more vivid. Philips said the lighting solution is beneficial for showcasing in-store merchandise. CrispWhite will offer a wide range of specific single optic LED solutions in both lamps and luminaires to meet the demand for more visually appealing accent lighting.

FluxStream made its preview debut at the LightFair and is a family of LED linear luminaires delivering high-quality, uniform light. The lights are easy to install and allow customers to choose LEDs instead of fluorescent light sources.

SpaceWise technology developed by Philips provides customers with application-specific intelligent dimming for offices that have an open plan and offer significant savings on energy costs. The technology works for replacement-in-place in both existing and new layouts and uses wireless control with occupancy and daylight sensors and reduces the need for extra wiring.

Philips was awarded for the most innovative product of the year at the 2013 LightFair. The award it the program's highest and recognizes the most innovative new product in the lighting industry. The hue personal wireless lighting received the Judges' Citation Award at the LightFair and is a special recognition of an innovative product decided by the event's judges.

The innovative lighting technologies previewed at the LightFair included IntelliPower and IntelliHue. IntelliPower's solutions include digitally controlled LED lighting products that use existing electrical systems. IntelliHue is used to produce high-quality tunable white light and color-changing effects in one product. The Flat Panel LED, which was also recently introduced, uses an edge-lit white LED luminaire to delivery high efficacy and clean illumination and is another of Philips' latest innovative technologies.