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Soraa, an energy-efficient light bulb manufacturer, recently released a new line of light-emitting diodes (LEDs) that are brighter than previous versions. According to The Wall Street Journal, the second generation lamp known as MR16 produces 40 percent more light and is designed to replace 65-watt and 75-watt bulbs. The bulbs are based on halogen technology and are typically used in retail stores, restaurants and art galleries. 

Besides generating a brighter light output, the new LED lighting system is expected to reduce power consumption by as much as 85 percent compared to halogen equivalents. Also being released by Soraa is a bulb variety that can be modified with filters to change the shape and color of the light, the article stated.

"In the many years I've been in this industry, I've never seen a company with a technology that these guys have got," says Jack Zukerman, a lighting industry veteran. "I think they are going to change the nature of this industry."

Soraa's new LED is softer than other LEDs and displays more of the visible color spectrum, which can be great for restaurants who want to create an inviting atmosphere for guests. Another lighting professional, Jed Dorsheimer, said the light quality is so similar to incandescent bulbs that it's hard to tell the difference, the WSJ reported.