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Philips Lumileds recently released new mid- and low-power LEDs. The two-die Luxeon 3535 2-D mid-power LEDs that can lower the component count in retrofit lamp designs. The low-power LED is the Luxeon 4014, which was designed to use for linear and omnidirectional lighting applications such as under cabinet and cove lighting.

The mid-power lights offer 4,000 K of drive current with a minimum output of 60 lumens. They offer 75 percent more lumen output by driving the devices to 200 milliamps. Six LEDs are used in the mid-power lights compared to previously required 14 LEDs in a 40 watt lamp.

The new mid-power LED lighting systems offer a minimum color rendering index of 80 and have an R9 rating above zero. The lights’ efficacy is increased because of the lights’ minimum voltage.

“This is an exciting breakthrough, because lighting designers can take advantage of a high lumen package with high efficacy while using significantly fewer chips per fixture,” said Rahul Bammi, vice president of product management, according to LEDs Magazine.

The low-power LEDs provide an efficacy of 160 lumens per watt from the Luxeon 4014. According to LEDs Magazine, the Luxeon 4014 low-power LEDs offer better uniformity than other similar bulbs. Linear lighting with closely located components can benefit from the low-power lights.