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After experiencing much success with its CR Series downlights, Cree decided to expand the line and introduce the Cree Full Definition CR4 and CR6 downlights. According to LED Professional, the lights are ideal when it comes to replacing incandescent four- and six-inch recessed downlights. The Cree bulbs have a warm-white 2,700 K color temperature, can be dimmed and have a color rendering index greater than 80. They also offer good light quality and lower installation cost.

"Cree is committed to delivering customers the LED lighting solution needed to fit their budgets and applications," said Greg Merritt, vice president of lighting at Cree. "The new Full Definition CR downlights cost less than fluorescent alternatives and also use 20-30 percent less energy compared to the outdated CFLs they replace. With the low initial investment and good light quality, customers should never need to install an outdated fluorescent or incandescent downlight again."

Cree included its latest LED lighting system and technology advancements into the new bulbs and integrated a full-system thermal and electrical driver design. The technology in the bulbs eliminates the initial costs of adopting LEDs​. The source reported that the CR Full Definition luminaires deliver payback against incandescent downlights in less than a year. Several of the CR4 and CR6 bulbs cost 25 percent less than the company's comparable 90 CRI products.

Cree expanded the existing CR series LED downlights for customers who need a bulb with a higher CRI. LED Professional said the high CRI bulbs have new color-temperature as well as light-quality options with 3,000 K, 3,500 K and 4,000 K color temperatures on top of the already existing 2,700 K bulb, all with a CRI of at least 90.

The CR4 Full Definition downlights deliver as many as 575 lumens while the CR6 downlight offers up to 625 lumens. Both can be dimmed to 5 percent and feature a 2,700 K color temperature. They're also qualified for both residential and commercial Energy Star standards, and because of this, customers can qualify for more incentives and rebates from utilities and other energy-efficient programs.