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Soraa has brought exclusive low voltage LED lighting to the industry with its LED MR16 GU10 120V line voltage lamps.

The new product comes in a 10 degree spot version as well as a 25 degree version. No other manufacturer has a lamp similar to the 10 degree spot LED. The 25 degree LED has a center beam candle power higher than any halogen or other GU10 LED in existence.

“Soraa’s no compromise, full-visible-spectrum, high color rendering LED MR16 lamps are simply the best on the market today,” stated Soraa President and COO Tom Caulfield. “Our products provide you unmatched light output, beautiful beams, unprecedented rendering of colors and whites, full dimmability, long lamp life, dramatically improved energy efficiency and excellent compatibility.”

Soraa’s newest innovation offers first-rate color rendering. Their MR16 LED lamps have a CRI of 95 and R9 of 95. They even contain violet light for true rendering of whites and to bring out the vibrancy of all colors.

The lamps are easy to install to speed up the process of retrofitting a commercial lighting setup.

“With our GU10 versions, you no longer need a transformer and we’ve made available beam and output options that didn’t previously exist in the market, because of limitations with all other technologies,” Caulfield continued.

Soraa’s exclusive technology is the perfect fit for retail and sales applications where color quality is a necessity for properly highlighting merchandise on display.

Intelligent lighting innovation from Digital Lumens
Digital Lumens has brought a new line of intelligent high bay LED commercial lighting fixtures to the lighting industry.

The DLE line offers 100 lumens per watt to give commercial property owners and facility managers a lot of light from a few fixtures.

“The DLE family features Digital Lumens’ built-in sensing and controls, higher efficacy, and LightRules integration for managing settings and reporting on lighting energy, making it the most cost-effective high bay LED solution on the market,” stated Michael Feinstein, vice president of sales and marketing at Digital Lumens.

Digital Lumens’ new product offers a range of options for the unique demands of all commercial lighting systems. There are 12,000, 18,000 and 24,000 lumen output versions, independently rotated LED lightbars and optics with narrow and wide options. They also have fully integrated controls and wireless capabilities for effortless monitoring and maintenance.