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Cree has added to its XLamp family of products by releasing new XP-G2 LEDs.

The new LEDs are optimized for performance in any application from commercial lighting to flashlights. XP-G2 LEDs offer 142 lumens per watt at 350 mA, 85 degrees Celsius or 155 lumens per watt at 350 mA, 25 degrees Celsius in warm white. Higher efficacy allows for the use of fewer LEDs to achieve optimal performance or the use of more LEDs at the same power level to improve the lighting experience.

"Cree pioneered the industry-standard form factor with the XP-G LED platform and has continued to provide the industry's best performance since its inception," stated Paul Thieken, Cree director of marketing, LED Components. "The new XP-G2 LED furthers Cree's proven leadership and helps protect its customers' investment. The higher-performance XP-G2 results in fewer required LEDs, which means fewer optics, a smaller printed circuit board and less handling, all of which translates to lower system cost."

The XP-G2 LEDs also have more than 12,000 hours of LM-80 data available. Manufacturers looking to upgrade their LED lighting systems can get a good look at how beneficial Cree's new LEDs will be before they buy.

Bringing the sunset indoors
In addition to the XP-G2 LEDs, Cree has also introduced the LMH2 LED module with sunset dimming.

The LMH2 allows for seamless dimming from 2700K down to 1800K. Although low voltage LED lighting can offer color temperatures for cool white light, some applications still prefer more yellow, incandescent color temperatures. With Cree's new product, commercial property owners and facility managers can get warmer lighting while reducing energy consumption as the LMH2 offers 80 percent energy savings.

The new product also allows for easy integration with existing LMH2 drivers and reflectors as well as Triac dimmers. This feature allows for quick installation during a retrofit project.

"Our customers really like the color quality and natural dimming the LMH2 sunset dimming provides," President of Nora Lighting Fred Farzan stated for Cree. "The LMH2 module with sunset dimming opens up new markets for us and allows us to address applications that traditionally use incandescent and halogen light sources."

Cree offers 50,000 hour service times with the LMH2 modules that are dimmable down to 5 percent. Commercial property owners and facility managers can cut down on maintenance and replacement costs with the energy saving, warm light of Cree's new low profile lighting.