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GE Lighting has announced several new low voltage LED lighting products to fit any lighting needs.

In the next four months, GE will release six new LED lights. The first two are 40 and 60-watt replacement bulbs. They offer dimming capabilities as well as warm color temperatures so a lighting upgrade can provide familiar lighting with the same warm, yellow light. The third product will be a wireless dimming LED indoor floodlight. With these floodlights, a commercial lighting system can have a retrofit without having to rewire the sockets. Additionally, the ease of wireless control allows for effortless dimming.

The last three new products from GE Lighting will be part of GE's Reveal LED line. They will be available in 40 and 60-watt replacement bulbs as well as floodlights.

All of the new products will offer 80 percent energy savings. Commercial property owners and facility managers who switch over to these new products will have huge subtractions to their energy expenses while receiving clearer, more uniform lighting.

"GE was behind the invention of the first visible-spectrum LED more than fifty years ago, and we're continuing to advance our LED technology to provide consumers with practical solutions that are accessible, flexible and intuitive," stated John Strainic, General Manager, Consumer Lighting for GE in North America.

The new products will offer consumers a range of options and benefits once they are all on the market.

Taking innovation to the streets
Communities in Indiana have switched out their mercury vapor, metal halide and high pressure sodium street lights for GE Lighting's Evolve LED Roadway Cobrahead commercial lighting fixtures.

The Indiana Municipal Power Agency was awarded a $5 million grant to upgrade the lighting in 20 participating member communities. After bidding commenced, members selected GE Lighting's product over the competition.

Upon completion, the project involved 32 communities and upgraded 9,933 cobrahead fixtures to commercial LED lighting. Annual energy savings are projected at 5 million kilowatts.

"Compared to standard street lights, LED street lighting uses significantly less energy and lasts longer," Harold Lewis, mayor of Lebanon, Ind., stated for GE Lighting. "Even if they are slightly more expensive at the outset, they quickly pay for themselves in savings, especially when reduced maintenance costs are factored in."

LED lighting systems provide lighting that uniformly illuminates roadways. Drivers in the participating communities will have improved visibility on the street with the new Evolve LED Cobrahead fixtures.