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According to the Wall Street Journal, Philips Lighting has been recognized by the Illuminating Engineering Society's 2013 Progress Committee.

In the past year, Philips has introduced 14 products that have been noted for their contribution to residential and commercial lighting innovation. The list included the EvoKit LED retrofit, which converts 2×4 fluorescent luminaires to LED technology in under five minutes. The EvoKit uses less than 45 watts of energy while delivering coloring rendering index numbers from 80 on up.

The IES Progress Report takes submissions of products, research, publications and activities throughout the year. Submissions are judged, and winning entries are included in the report. Published submissions represented the top lighting products in the industry.

"Being recognized by a prestigious industry association like the IES validates our commitment to LED innovation and traditional technologies that can provide energy savings and, in both cases, the best possible light quality for diverse applications," Arif Quraishi, vice president of Philips Lighting Americas, told the Wall Street Journal. "From LED lamps that can mimic an incandescent's warm dimming, to digitized systems for the home or office, to systems that can be installed in under five minutes, we are providing LED solutions that are easy to adopt and offer superior light quality and energy savings."

Philips Lighting has been a major player in total industry conversion to LED lighting systems, and their new honor from IES corroborates their success.