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RAB Lighting has introduced a new LED bollard to their collection of commercial lighting products.

The new product and matching architectural wall sconces promise durability and quality light in the harshest conditions. It features a unique patent pending base mount and polycarbonate lens to prevent damage from the environment or vandals. With the precision crafted optics, the bollards provide optimal down light and minimal glare.

RAB's low voltage LED lighting also comes with the necessary tools to fit any existing lighting design. The bollards are accompanied by four leveling screws for installation on uneven surfaces. Additionally, a retrofit adapter allows for an easy transition to LEDs.

A lighting retrofit should guarantee energy savings and require little time to install. The new product from RAB adapts to existing commercial lighting systems rather than requiring property and facility owners to overhaul their existing installations.

Their specifications place these bollards among the best LED lights for outside commercial lighting. Each bollard's lifespan exceeds 100,000 hours to provide large reductions to maintenance and replacement costs. There are 12, 18 and 24-watt options along with a choice between 180, 270 and 360 degree lighting patterns for any specific setup.

Enlightening Penn State
RAB has been making waves in outdoor LED lighting systems.

The Lion's Crossing Student Housing Complex located near Penn State University received 28 fixtures from RAB. The 20-watt ALED fixtures were installed on pathways between 17 buildings on the property. With the new commercial lighting fixtures, Lion's Crossing will see 80 percent energy savings.

In addition to reducing energy and maintenance costs, the installation will create a safer environment for residents and visitors. Public safety is important on a university campus housing complex where many people are constantly coming and going at different hours of the day. Students who study at the library into the evening should have peace of mind that there will adequate lighting outside their home when they return.

LED lighting is the best option for outdoor commercial lighting. It provides more even lighting across a space than high-intensity discharge lamps and gives off cool white light. Students staying at Lion's Crossing will not have to worry about dark gaps on the paths when they walk around the property at night. They will have a clear view of the buildings and any suspicious characters who are lurking.

A more affordable energy saving solution
An investment for a retrofit with RAB Lighting products has become even more feasible as the average prices for LED products continue to drop.

According to Digitimes Research, LED bulbs have gotten cheaper. The average retail price for 60-watt equivalent LEDs declined by 1.5 percent in September in the U.S. Average retail price for 40-watt equivalents in the U.S. also dropped down to $21 on a month-to-month basis, which was a decrease of 0.5 percent.

When LED technology first hit the market, products were expensive. They also lacked the quality of current products, but bulbs and fixtures have since improved. As manufacturers advance their processes for developing LED commercial lighting fixtures, savings will continue to pass on to the consumers.