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Lutron, a leading manufacturer of wireless lighting controls, has received the 2013 BACnet International Fox Hound Award.

The award was presented to Lutron at the annual "Leaders of the Pack" gala in Las Vegas, Nev., in Sept. 2013. Recipients of the award are recognized for rising quickly and quietly in BACnet International. Lutron has been a silver member of the organization for two years. In addition to participating at BACnet International's Education Committee and at Plug Fest, Lutron earned the BACnet Testing Laboratories Listing for its Quantum total light management system processor.

Many building management system providers – including Honeywell, Siemens and Johnson Controls, among others – utilize Lutron's Quantum system. Furthermore, the company's partnership with Bacnet has led to the integration of Lutron systems in numerous notable projects, such as the Jackson Federal Building and Princeton University.

"BACnet is a key enabler to provide facility managers with a 'single pane of glass' for managing their different building systems," said Mark Jenner, Lutron's new business alliances director. "We are proud to be recognized as an industry leader and will continue to work with leading BAS companies to enhance our capabilities. We're pleased to be able to offer our customers this powerful benefit."

Another strong partnership
In addition to distributing its Quantum wireless lighting control to Siemens, Lutron paired with the company to publish a white paper detailing step-by-step instructions for integrating controls into commercial buildings. As a guide for consulting-specifying engineers, the information was created to help them optimize their designs for the most efficient systems.

The white paper – available to Siemens branch offices, APOGEE Automation System dealers and Lutron sales and field representatives – provides clarity on the intricacies of marrying Lutron's Quantum system for lighting, shading and small appliances with Siemens' APOGEE system for integrating controls across multiple buildings. Additionally, the combined systems utilize BACnet for seamless communication and centralized controls.

"We look forward to offering additional solutions for improving a building's energy consumption and carbon footprint," said Nancy Stein, systems and room automation segment head for Siemens. "Enabling these two systems to share information allows building operators to develop new strategies that help reduce costs as well as meet a company's business objectives."

Lutron and Siemens boast commercial buildings that implement the combined technologies can look forward to better indoor air quality, higher energy efficiency and lower maintenance costs.

Beyond lighting controls
In addition to Lutron's status as a front runner for lighting controls, the manufacturer produces energy-saving LED lighting systems. The company recently bolstered its Ivalo collection with new recessed fixtures in the Finire family.

Through another fruitful partnership, each of the new fixtures includes LED modules from Xicato. Moreover, the Finire products come standard with the Lutron Hi-lume A-series 1 percent dimming driver. As a result of high-end hardware from both companies, the new products offer 95+ color rendering index. In a 6.4-inch Height IC Airtight Housing, it delivers 1,000 lumens with only 22 watts. This versatile commercial LED lighting fixture has field changeable beam spreads of 20, 30, 40 and 50 degrees for spotlighting, task lighting and other applications.

"Lutron's new Finire luminaire truly brings together the strengths of Lutron and Xicato to ensure that users not only feel and look good in the light, but also will be able to enjoy it for years ahead knowing that it will consistently and efficiently provide the highest quality light for their home," said Joanna Brace, Xicato's executive vice president of marketing. 

There are various versions of the commercial lighting fixture available – round or square downlight, architectural options, wall wash and others – as well as a number of finishes to fit any decorum.