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Cree has unveiled new LED lighting systems for installation in high-bay settings.

The CXB High-Bay LED luminaire is designed to reduce energy consumption by as much as 50 percent while delivering 23,000 lumens. As a viable replacement for 400-watt high-intensity discharge and multi-lamp high-bay fluorescent lighting solutions in warehouses, industrial settings and educational facilities, Cree’s new product can deliver seamless integration with a light-weight design compared to inefficient lighting choices.

“The CXB High-Bay LED luminaire provides the industry’s best LED replacement solution for high-bay applications with a low total cost of ownership, all backed by our industry-leading, 10-year limited warranty,” said Greg Merritt, vice president of lighting marketing for Cree.

In addition to high-quality lumen output and energy savings, the CXB is a practical commercial LED lighting option for lowering maintenance costs, as it has a 70,000-hour rated lifetime to lower fixture replacement and labor expenses.

According to Merritt, Cree’s new product raises the bar in the LED lighting industry by offering superb illumination at a lower cost. By far, the CXB High-Bay LED is a worthy investment.