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Lithonia Lighting is adding another top performing LED light fixture to its line of products. Already boasting the P Series, L Series and Reality™ Residential LED, Lithonia Lighting’s new LED Gimbal downlight comes in various sizes, opening up applications in residential and commercial lighting environments.

“LED Gimbal downlighting modules are the only LED downlighting modules currently on the market that are available in three different sizes, including 4-inch, 5-inch and 6-inch,” said Michael Bruce, value stream manager for residential downlighting at Lithonia Lighting. “With this new addition, our LED downlighting module portfolio can cover all residential recessed lighting needs.”

Compared to 50-watt and 65-watt incandescent luminaires, the low voltage LED lighting fixtures from Acuity Brands are 80 percent more energy efficient. Not only is each fixture easy to install, but it can provide directional lighting for sloped ceilings or other accent-related applications with their 35-degree tilt that is completely adjustable in both directions. In addition, each fixture is able to rotate 180-degrees to maximize lighting conditions.

When used for 3 hours a day, an LED Gimball module will continue producing consistent lumen levels for 32 years, significantly cutting down on maintenance and replacement costs. The quality of light also follows the Acuity Brands historical high standards. For instance, Lithonia’s LED downlighting fixtures have historically matched the light quality of traditional fixtures, matching the brightness levels while achieving an energy savings and lamp life that exceeds traditional non-LED fixtures by as much as five times.

Each LED Gimbal module features a color rendering index of 83 CRI, and a color temperature of 3000K. To improve the energy savings even more, each fixture is compatible with common voltage dimmers and most industry housings. That allows businesses or homeowners the ability to replace downlights gradually as old lights burn out.