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Employing the benefits of both a lighting control system and the best LED lights, the Tampa General Medical Group selected Acuity Brands to supply indoor LED lighting equipment which has been installed in its 10,000 square-foot ambulatory clinic. 

The Wall Street Journal reported that the Tampa General Medical Group's Family Care Center, located in Brandon, Fla., is using the VT Series LED luminaires from Lithonia Lighting® to provide high quality light to its patients and staff, as well as reduce the facility's energy profile. Each fixture is 2' x 2' and is fully integrated with nLight® digital controls from Sensor Switch®, allowing staff to manipulate light levels while still enjoying a uniform balance of illumination. The nLight controls add an additional 10 percent energy savings on top of the deep energy savings that the VT Series LED luminaires provide independently. 

Acuity Brands lighting solutions, such as the Winona® Drums Series, were also utilized throughout the medical facility. These wall mounts and pendants were used in conjunction with downlights to illuminate the reception rooms with decorative lighting designs.

"The long life of the LEDs translates to less maintenance," said Jose Marotta, chief electrical engineer of the Tampa General Hospital. "A high color-rendering index allows doctors and nurses to accurately assess patient status and condition visually. Additionally, the controls adjust the LEDs with our customized settings, but with one touch can be turned to 100 percent.  It helps keep everyone comfortable while saving the most amount of money."

Because of Lithonia's VT Series LED luminaires' ability to deliver high quality, volumetric light to exam rooms and waiting areas alike, the Tampa General Medical Group decided to also use the Lithonia exit sign and other emergency lighting products throughout its facility.