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Lighting design can make a big difference on the inside of a home. Homeowners want the proper lighting to not only illuminate their most prized possessions but to also make living and completing tasks a little more easy. Good lighting can also help those living in the home feel more secure and provide a sense of comfort. Lighting and lighting controls alike allow homeowners to maintain that sense of security but also gives them the freedom to create the ambiance of their home. 

There are several styles, shapes and sizes of light bulbs and lighting fixtures that can be used. Even better for home owners is the option of LED indoor lighting to help save on energy costs and consumption. 

For lighting a kitchen, consultants should keep in mind the number of activities that go on inside that particular room. According to the American Lighting Association, lighting requirements in the kitchen depend on the size and the complexity of the space.

Family and friends often gather in the kitchen, and in smaller kitchens, under-cabinet lighting can be good for the lack of space so there isn't too much light. However, bigger kitchens can benefit from several fixtures including general, task and accent lighting, the source stated. Under-cabinet lighting can easily provide illumination to the countertops without creating too much light. 

Recessed downlights are a smart solution for creating visibility for tasks like cooking and baking. Designers and consultants must also keep in mind lighting for over the kitchen table. The kitchen table is a gathering space where families eat meals, children complete their  homework and family game nights take place, so designers want to make sure the lighting is neither too dull or bright for the homeowner.