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LED parking lot lighting is coming to Redford Township Library in Redford Charter Township, Mich.

The library has spent nearly $30,000 to retrofit their exterior lighting in an effort to cut costs and improve parking lot safety. Their new system will include brighter, more energy efficient commercial lighting along with dimming capabilities. Whenever the parking lot does not have a lot of traffic, the lights will automatically dim to save energy. High-intensity discharge lamps also have dimming capabilities, but they take some time to warm up. LEDs come on instantly so that patrons and staff have full illumination when they walk to their vehicles in the evening.

Library director Lisa Hoenig believes in the energy savings of LEDs to cut down on large electric bills. She and other library officials are willing to make the small investment to get large reductions in energy costs.

Commercial LED lighting systems reduce energy expenditures by at least 50 percent. They provide more uniform lighting across a wider area and higher quality light. Compared to other lighting options, LED fixtures are the better choice for outside commercial lighting.

The next wave of parking lot lighting
The U.S. Department of Energy supports the use of LED parking lot fixtures to replace ceramic metal halide and high pressure sodium lamps.

A document published by DOE details some of the programs they've created in conjunction with their Commercial Builders Energy Alliance to further research on creating more efficient commercial lighting.

"DOE actively supports research and commercialization of LED lighting through its SSL program, which focuses on research and development, product testing, technical information development, product demonstrations, and outreach to energy-efficiency program administrators," DOE stated.

Many government rebates and energy savings performance contracts exist because DOE and other departments want to help commercial property owners save on their energy costs, especially if the environment is helped as well.