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Acuity Brands has added to their family of P series LED downlights from Lithonia Lighting.

New additions include 4-inch, 5-inch and 6-inch LED modules with a service life of 46 years. Lithonia's new products are made to fit with any recessed can-style housings that an existing commercial lighting system may have. Their easy adaptability cuts down on retrofit time and costs. The 4-inch modules have a light output equivalent to a 65-watt incandescent bulb and all of the products in the P series can be dimmed down to a single point source.

The dimming capabilities ensure energy savings. LED lighting systems are advantageous because each node is an individual source of light. Rather than dimming an entire bulb, nodes can be shut off one by one to achieve a desired amount of illumination. Additionally, the modules come on instantly so that they snap to full illumination immediately when dimming is no longer required.

Lithonia Lighting delivers products that excel in energy efficiency and reduce electrical and maintenance costs. These new long-lasting products are the best LED lights for any commercial lighting setup.

The LED advantage
Lithonia's P series and other commercial LED lighting are the top choice for a retrofit because they can be used in various industries, from schools to warehouses.

An article by the Wall Street Journal details five distinct benefits of LED lights. They are more compact than incandescents, HIDs and halogen lights. Low voltage LED lighting gives off minimal amounts of heat. Their color temperatures are adjustable, they can use wireless lighting controls and they require less energy to provide more light.

When it comes to facility lighting,  they cut costs in half and reduce effort and maintenance. Facility managers need a streamlined system, and LEDs are the solution to their demands.