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LED light bulbs provide several advantages over incandescent bulbs. They use half of the energy while providing more light per watt. LEDs waste little heat while 90 percent of energy from incandescent bulbs is released as heat. Due to its energy efficiency, commercial LED lighting can last 25,000 hours or more while incandescent bulbs max out at 2,500 hours.

Low profile lighting also adapts to a variety of styles. Directional LEDs are perfect for focal lighting in retail, hospitality and museum applications. LED candle lighting is a suitable alternative for incandescent bulbs placed in candelabras and chandeliers. There are even reflector LEDs, mini reflectors, tube lamps and standard A shape bulbs to easily change to LEDs without overhauling fixture installations. 

When it comes to quality, LED light bulbs are top notch. They come in a variety of color temperatures ranging from warm yellow to cool white. LED lumens do not depreciate, delivering consistent brightness through the life of the bulb.