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At a San Francisco-based conference, Brian Chemel, the chief technology officer and co-founder of LED and green lighting systems company Digital Lumens, highlighted his approach to LED design.

Chemel spoke at Greentech Media's Avant EE conference on July 29 during a panel entitled, "Information Awareness, Intelligent Efficiency and Big Data." Moderated by Stephen Lacey, senior editor at Greentech Media, Chemel was joined by Swapnil Shah, CEO of FirstFuel, Doug Staker, vice president of business development and international sales at Demand Energy Works, and Greg Nixon, senior vice president of marketing and sales at EnerNOC. 

The conference as a whole was organized to delve deeper into the experiences of lighting industry professionals, especially regarding the efficiency market involving LED technology and outside commercial lighting. How these products, systems and lighting controls are then applied to different sectors of the market, such as the industrial or commercial segments, as well as the integration of these efforts with utility programs were also discussed.

According to Greentech Media's website, "Avant EE brings together utilities, financiers, innovators, and building professionals for Greentech Media's first energy efficiency focused conference."

While each speaker shared their unique, industry perspectives, Chemel, who is a lighting industry pioneer, shared his thoughts on intelligent lights and the ways in which systems-based intelligence can be leveraged to improve and speed up efficient innovations and create new product opportunities. 

Digital Lumens has implemented its intelligent LED lighting systems in more than 500 commercial and industrial facilities, reducing the amount of energy that is consumed by lighting at those sites by up to 90 percent.