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Due to the recent release and success of Soraa's LED lamps with their characteristic triangular shape to maximize light extraction, Soraa has expanded its global sales team.

Demand for Soraa's GaN LED MR16 and its full spectrum GaN lamps has prompted the Fremont, Calif., company to bring in Nick Farraway and George Stringer – lighting industry executives with years of experience – to contribute to their sales team.

"The Soraa VIVID LED MR16 lamp is widely regarded as the best in the world in terms of brightness and color rendering," said Tom Caulfield, president and COO of Soraa. "This has fueled sales growth over the past year and created the need to expand our sales organization. Both George and Nick bring energy, ingenuity and industry insight to help us chart a successful course for the company in the coming years."

Coming from Acuity Brands Lighting with 16 years experience, Stringer was the vice president and general manager for corporate accounts, renovation and government. In addition to Farraway's 30 years of executive experience at Sylvania, among others, Soraa is adding 46 years of industry experience to its sales management team. Both men revitalized sales channel's and are bringing international expertise to the table.

"Soraa maintains a rare agility that consistently outperforms the competition, not only in the inventiveness and quality of its products, but also in their ability to maneuver within the marketplace to create new business opportunities," said Farraway. "I'm thrilled to join the company at such an exciting time,"

Manufacturing LED lamps using pure gallium nitride substrates (GaN), Soraa makes some of the industries best LED lights, boasting beam and color rendering attributes that exceed LEDs constructed from non-native materials.