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New lighting industry innovation comes in the form of the first high density LED arrays from Cree.

The CXA1520 HD LED array will eclipse 39-W ceramic metal halide lamps as the best choice for spotlighting. Cree's new product will deliver the same intensity as CMH lamps with 50 percent less energy consumption. Its specifications include a 2700K color temperature through 5000 K CCTs and it delivers 3,478 lumens per watt. On top of those benefits, the CXA1520 offers 70, 80 and 95-CRI options depending on an individual's commercial lighting needs.

Ceramic metal halide lamps have been a top contender for parking lot lighting, facility lighting and other commercial lighting needs. Like LEDs, they offer high color rendering and some energy efficiency over other options, such as HPS lamps. Cree's CXA1520 exceeds CMH lamps in regards to life and efficiency while providing the same color quality.

LED lighting systems and other solid-state lighting are at the forefront of the lighting solutions industry. During the 2013 Street and Areal Lighting Conference, keynote speakers spoke of LEDs as the epitome of energy efficiency, quality and service time. The CXA1520 HD LED array is further proof that trust in the technology is not misplaced.