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Occupancy sensors are suitable energy saving commercial lighting solutions for bathrooms in office buildings, retail stores and other commercial properties.

A survey by Lutron states that people find motion sensor switches most useful in bathrooms. The survey focused on residential properties, but the implications apply to commercial properties as well. Often times, bathroom lights are constantly running throughout the day. Employees and customers are not concerned with turning lights off to save energy because they are not responsible for the property's energy bill. Installing occupancy sensors allows for savings without dependence on human action.

Another survey from the Lighting Controls Association reported that automatic lighting controls have become desirable with lighting retrofit projects.

"Respondents reported lighting controls were considered in over 50 percent and installed in over 30 percent of their projects in 2012," the survey stated. "Forty percent of respondents said the percentage of their projects in which controls were installed was higher than the previous year."

Switching over to sustainable LED lighting systems or other energy efficient commercial lighting solutions saves time and money. Occupancy sensors and other automated lighting controls are popular because they create a lighting system that functions autonomously so that building managers can save energy in places like bathrooms without having to flick a switch after each person enters and exits a room.