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As the solid state lighting and LED industries continue expanding, Cree has launched a new outside commercial lighting luminaire designed to not only decrease energy use but improve light quality.

The Cree® VG Series parking garage luminaires are designed to replace conventional metal halide fixtures used in the majority of parking garages. The lamps employ a revolutionary optical system using a prismatic lens and internal reflectors that prevent the direct view of the LEDs by scattering and evenly distributing light. The result is an optimal, low-glare illumination that creates a safer feeling in garages thanks to the fixtures that are designed to by architecturally pleasing. In addition to reducing energy consumption by up to 73 percent, the VG Series Parking Garage Luminaire can be installed seamlessly in most garages.

"The VG Series was specifically designed for the unique challenges presented by parking garages," said Greg Merritt, vice president, lighting at Cree. "With low initial cost and virtually no maintenance expenses, the VG Series is the ideal choice to transform any garage from a poorly illuminated and uninviting space, to a well-lit garage with aesthetically pleasing lighting – all backed by a 10-year limited warranty."

In addition, the lamp provides 10 percent up-light, reducing the "cave effect" that other existing LED lamp solutions for parking garages create. Due to its significant use of electricity and its characteristic low cost, the VG Series luminaire pays for itself quickly. For a parking garage operating 24/7 – compared to metal halide lamps with electricity prices at the national average at $0.11 per hour – the Cree's LED lamp will pay for itself within just two years.