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The Hilton Austin recently completed an LED installation in the 31-floor building located across from the Austin Convention Center and a prime spot for tourists, according to Toshiba, the company that installed the lights. The hotel's management was searching for an energy-efficient upgrade and decided to have LEDs installed throughout the hotel including in the lobby and coffee shop.

The hotel wanted to increase quality of light for residents as well as improve its esthetic appeal with the two-phase lighting retrofit project. More than 1,000 fixtures were retrofitted to use 85 percent less energy than the previous incandescent and halogen lamps, the source stated. 

The new commercial LED lighting has a lifespan of 40,000 hours – three times longer than traditional light sources. No mercury or lead is in the new fixtures that offer superior light quality with several color temperatures and distributions. Instead of taking time to warm-up like several other lighting solutions, the LEDs installed in the hotel reach their full brightness instantly. 

A return on investment is expected within 18 months for the hotel even with the lights being used 24 hours a day.