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The Louvre in Paris had LED lights installed to highlight the Mona Lisa, according to Bloomberg. The art museum in France first began an LED lighting upgrade in 2010 while lighting specialists worked to properly highlight exhibits without damaging the preservation.  

Museum guests enjoy the new lighting and the LEDs help to make Mona Lisa's skin look less yellowish and more natural than the previous fixtures. 

"Thanks to the new lighting, we now have a better idea of the painting hidden behind varnish," said Vincent Delieuvin, curator of the Louvre's 16th century Italian paintings department.

Like the United States, the European Union has changed its lighting regulations regarding traditional light bulbs. As a result of the change in regulations, the Louvre was able to move forward with its LED lighting upgrade.

Toshiba performed the LED lighting systems upgrade for the museum and the new lighting will encourage guests to stay and linger in the museum. The lighting company is also selling fixtures that includes a blend of color to make employees feel more energetic.

The Asahi Shimbun said the renovations cut the museum's power consumption by 73 percent. The lighting upgrade was the first time the museum used Toshiba LEDs for interior lighting.