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Wattstopper‘s new digital lighting management integration tool will make networked management of a commercial lighting system even easier.

The LDMI-1000 combines all the energy-saving components of a facility’s DLM systems into one place. Rather than have multiple controls for each individual system, time is saved by streamlining all of the controls. During a conference, a presenter can adjust the lighting and projector without having to fumble with multiple controls. On a larger scale, various control systems for a commercial building can be compounded in the interface and be monitored smoothly with less effort.

According to a press release from Navigant Research, building managers want centralized control for all of the building systems. HVAC systems have had centralized controls for some time. Wattstopper’s LDMI-1000 gives these managers another way to make their job easier in regards to maintenance and reducing energy costs. They can monitor all of their energy saving solutions through the single interface.

Additionally, the LDMI-1000 is beneficial for specifiers and installers because it is compatible with products from different vendors. No matter what DLM systems are chosen for a property, the new interface is a great solution for managing any commercial lighting system.