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Digital Lumens has introduced new wireless lighting controls that allow for updates and notifications on non-lighting loads.

The LightRules Power system monitors electrical consumption of any equipment or systems in a facility. Through the use of a LightRules Keypad and LightRules Software, version 2.7, facility managers have a streamlined view of energy usage for all their systems to make adjustments across the structure and further optimize energy efficiency.

“Energy consumption is a strategic lens through which to view and manage operations, and LightRules is the facility-wide network for many of our customers, making it the logical place to add these capabilities,” Brian Chemel, CTO and co-founder of Digital Lumens, stated.

The LightRules Keypad centralizes all of the commercial lighting controls to one location. It has eight profiles for easy lighting adjustments and operates via a Power-over-Ethernet connection. With the LightRules Keypad, Lightrules Power and LightRules software, installation is fast for any facility.

Lighting controls that integrate other systems bring the money savings of efficient commercial lighting to every other system and piece of machinery. Facility managers can get the most out of their power usage and discover ways to expand their systems.

The growing need for intelligent controls
Numerous reports have projected growth for the solid state lighting industry, and the latest update predicts continued expansion in the next five years.

According to Research and Markets, the solid state lighting market is expected to reach $56.79 billion by 2018. The compound annual growth rate is projected to be 18.7 percent from 2013 until then. North America will have a 23.9 percent share, behind the Asian Pacific region that will hold 49.8 percent and above Europe, which will hold 19.9 percent of the market.

Low voltage LED lighting has begun to fall behind new organic LED lighting, but it is still a major force for green lighting solutions. Given the compatibility of LEDs with digital lighting controls, many new products are appearing on the market to further optimize their energy usage.

Digital Lumens’ LightRules technology allows for expansion of energy savings by providing accurate, up-to-the-minute data on power usage for instant modifications to the performance of commercial lighting systems.

Although the use of OLEDs is growing, their primary application is in the automobile industry. For now, LED lighting systems dominate the commercial lighting industry and call for the creation of more smart digital controls.